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Our College Library

Access to Library
The college possesses a very well equipped library an adequate number of books which are easily accessible to all the teacher trainees/users of the college. For this purpose the pupil teachers of the college are issued a Library card. Books can be borrowed from the library against this card only.

Duration of retaining a book
A student can retain a book for a maximum period of 7 days. For a delayed return a fine of Re 1 per day per book will be charged.

Damage or loss of a book
For book, which are lost or damaged by the students, double the cost shall have to be paid. If a volume of a set of books is lost the cost of entire set shall have to be paid.

Other relevant Information
1. The Library services shall be available during the college hours on all working days. Any deviation in the schedule shall be notified separately from time to time.
2. The library has an open shelf system. Students can ask for the books they require indicating the title and the author of the book or they can make a choice of their own.
3. Reference books and other reference material is consulted by the pupil teachers within the library while other books, a maximum of two at a time, are issued for a maximum of 7 days.
4. The library also subscribes to a large number of periodicals, magazines, and Newspapers.

B.ed Department : Total No of Authors: 279

B.ed Department : Total No of Books
English Medium : 1168 +
Hindi Medium : 504 +
Grand Total : 1991

B.ed Department : Total No of Titles
Total No.of Titles: 168
Total No. of Titles in Hindi : 56
Total No. of Titles in English : 112
C.Reference Books
Encyclopedias : 41
Dictionaries : 10
Yearbook : 1
Journals :3