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Statutes Governing B.ed Examination

1.The course for the Degree of Bachelor of education shall extend over a period of one academic year. 2.Admission to the B. Ed. Course shall be fixed by the University of Jammu, Jammu during months of July or August every year.

  1. Vacations are observed according to U.G.C. norms.
    • The annual examination of degree of bachelor of education shall be held every year in August at Jammu and such other places as may be fixed by the Vice Chancellor.
    • The biannual/supplement/examination shall be held every year in February/ March at different places of Jammu Region.
    • The exact date for the practice of Teaching examination shall be notified by the controller of examination in consultation with the Principals of concerned colleges.
  2. The examination shall be open to:
    • Any person who has his name submitted to the controller of examinations by the principal of the college he attended.
    • Student of good conduct and character Provided that any candidate who participates Inter-University of Inter-college sports tournaments of N.S.S may for purpose of condoning deficiency in attendance incurred by him for such participation be treated as present during his/her absence on this account for a period not exceeding 15 working days in an academic year.
    • Provided further that the principal of the college shall have authority to condone shortage upto 5 lectures in one or more subjects in exceptional cases only. Students falling shot of the required number of attendance beyond 5 lectures and those deficiency is not condoned by the principal under the authority vested in him, by this statute, shall not be permitted to appear in the annual examination but shall be permitted to appear in the biannual/supplementary examination.
    • Provided they remain on the rolls of the constituent college as regular students and attend 75% of the lectures delivered from the date of next classification or the date on which they have joined whichever is earlier, upto the commencement of the biannual/supplementary examination. Provided also that no condonation whatsoever shall be allowed for deficiency in lectures for admission to the biannual / supplementary examination.
  3. Of having given lessons in an approved practicing school consisting of :
    • 15 Micro Lessons

    • 20 Supervised Macro Lessons

    • 2 Criticism Lessons

    • Observation of 20 Lessons

    • Internship

    • Co-curricular Activities

    • Having satisfactorily performed the work in the class.
  4. Examination Rules

    • The B.Ed course by the University of Jammu is of one year duration. The session starts from the month of September/October every year and ends up to June/July.
    • The Semester examination for the degree of B.Ed. is held after 6 months.
    • The Bi-annual examination is held in Feb/March Every Year.
    • The dates for the practice of teaching examination is notified by the University separately in consultation with the principal of the college.
    • Only these candidates who have completed the following formalities are eligible to appear in the final examination

      • Those who have attained eligibility in attendance on the basis of certificates submitted to the university or the principal of the college.
      • The University will conduct the final teaching practice examination only of those students who have completed Micro/Macro teaching practice lessons as prescribed by the University of Jammu.
      • Only those students are eligible to appear in the examination who attain 75% attendance.