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Events & Functions Organised By the College
Intro-Party, National Days i.e Republic Day, Independence Day, National Seminars, Debates, Quiz Competitions, Tug-of-war, spoon race, musical chair race, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Matches, Songs Competitions, Rangoli making competitions etc.

Specific Activities

1. The College has its own "Bye-laws"- A mini Manual so to say a prima-facie, approach to run college to start with. It serves as a beacon light.
2. The college has put up complaint boxes in the college at different places, to receive the complaints of the students. On every Saturday, boxes are opened and the complaints/problems are ascertained and are addressed thereto, record is maintained for it.
3. The students are also provided with a chance, to give their assessment about the faculty/staff members. It is through a questionnaire replies which later on consolidated and a merit list is prepared and is circulated, it is named as "Vox-populi" and record is maintained. Staff members too undergo "Vox-Populi" are also asked to make their assessment about the staff members i.e of their guess. A consolidated report is prepared and a merit list is circulated for the information of all the staff members are asked to identify 10-top most students of the session. It is through general consus. The criteria for that is they must well behaved, respectful, cooperative, hard-working, punctual etc. at the end of the session they are high lighted and are issued commoration letters by the college.
4. Ten Top most students of the college on the basis of annual exams result are also high lighted and record is maintained.
5. All the activities, cultural, N.S.S, Population Education, activities are a regular feature of the college and Albums maintained thereto, speak enough about them.
6. The College also publish session-wise college magazines, to help the students and staff to share their knowledge, and experience.
7. The college participated in the inter college debate, seminare etc. The college won IInd prize in giddan, consolation prize in debate competition. The inter college debate and cultural pragramme at Degree college Kathua every year organised by Nehru Youva kendra.
8. The college is very much in touch with university programme and makes participation in the meetings regularly.